Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s comedy-drama Toilet: Ek Prem Katha will release on August 11, the same day as filmmaker Imtiaz Ali’s Shah Rukh Khan-starrer, but this clash is fatal for Shah Rukh Khan, find out how.

When is comes to clashes at the box office Shah Rukh Khan is fast becoming the usual offender. First Shah Rukh clashed with Hrithik’s Kaabil and now, Shah Rukh Khan’s next is with Imtiaz Ali and Akshay Kumar’s comedy-drama Toilet: Ek Prem Katha will release on the same day, August 11.

But the loss that SRK will suffer will be much more as compared to Akshay Kumar’s, and here’s why.

Firstly, yes true Shah Rukh is a bigger name than Akshay, but Akshay is not a Hrithik either, Akshay can surely give a tough competition, and seriously harm Shah Rukh’s opening figures in certain circuits. Shah Rukh’s last few movies has not really been great, hence he needs to conquer and do it soon.

Let’s say Shah Rukh’s movie will take a better opening, even then the numbers may not be as staggering as other Khans’ on opening day, as Akshay will take a good chunk away.

Secondly, the number of screens and the shows will get divided, hence once again Shah Rukh’s movie will not be able to register the figures that are expected from a Khan movie.

Akshay, in last few years have done path breaking movies, like Baby, Airlift, Oh My God and Rustom, while Shah Rukh has still stuck to 90s commercial formula of throwing hands up in the air and singing songs around trees, he has never really experimented much, so here again audience that seek content over stars will surely go for Toilet: ek prem katha, as it does sound more content driven than Shah Rukh-Anushka’s love story.

Even in the best scenario assuming Akshay Kumar’s movie may not get favorable review and in case Shah Rukh’s movie is better, by the time the word of mouth and reviews are spread first 3 essential day of collections shall be gone, and even if Shah Rukh manages to catch up, his movie will do only 100 or 150 crore, he desperately needs to get past these figures as Salman – Aamir have long since gone beyond 250 crores, and now new heroes are making 100 crore plus. Two other Khans have raced past Shah Rukh, even relatively new Varun Dhawan’s movie makes 100 crores, so Shah Rukh has to prove himself and go beyond, which cannot happen if he clashes.

Hence, look at it in any which way, Shah Rukh will tend to lose much more than Akshay in this big clash.

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