Gone are the days when success of film were measured in terms of how many weeks it lasted in the theatre. It’s all about one weekend now, and the collections they make in that week. Bollywood heroes are no longer called ‘Jubilee Kumars’ , as their films never see a jubilee, all they have is a week or two at box office.

Not just heroes, heroines too are not behind in proclaiming their success by the crores their films collect. Amidst this there is one Bollywood hero who has had long innings and successful movies too, but not a single one of them has managed the ‘success mark’ of 100 crores, and that actor is Shahid Kapoor. Well success is relative, and Shahid is (relatively) successful for that matter. Two of his highest grossers are R. Rajkumar and Haider. The first one touched 64 crores, while Haider made a decent 58 crores. Even though Haider was critically acclaimed, it unfortunately released on the same day as Hrithik Roshan’s much hyped Bang Bang, which swiftly crossed the coveted 100 crore mark, despite critics panning the film.

Haider, brought Shahid back in reckoning, it even earned him best actor nominations and awards, but it didn’t put him in 100 crore club. In fact Haider was a come back vehicle for Shahid, Tabu and Vishal Bharadwaj, and the limelight got divided. Same thing had happened to Shahid when Jab We Met smashed the box office, Kareena walked away with more accolades. Besides all his releases post Jab We Met flopped. He received critical acclaim for Kaminey, but collection wise it was not great.

Shahid had a blockbuster in Jab We Met in 2007, when the craze for 100 crore had not caught up, his Kaminey too fared just above average, which was in 2009. Post 2009 till 2013 none of Shahid’s movies made even a decent cut at the box office. His much touted Mausam, was a colossal flop, and so was Rajkumar Santoshi’s Phata Poster Nikla Hero. There was no scope or hope for Shahid to even come anywhere close to the 100 crore club.

By 2013 Shahid was labeled out dated. He had completed 10 years in Bollywood as a lead actor and was no longer among the youth. He was no longer seen as the chocolate lover boy, neither he had the fan following of a Khan, who are forgiven for one or two duds quite easily. Shahid tried different genres with little success, and he was forced to find a niche for himself.

In such a situation obviously Shahid needed a decent film, much later in 2014, Shahid did get that in Haider. The movies success brought new lease of life to Shahid’s almost dead career then. But, neither Haider made 100 crores, nor did Shahid manage that in subsequent releases like Shaandar and Udta Punjab.

Now that for Shahid Kapoor’s Rangoon has also tanked at box office his only hope is Padmavati. Shahid had two huge movies, Vishal Bharadwaj’s Rangoon and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati. But, this silver lining has big black clouds too, as both movies are two hero projects, and both have an A-list actress who are known to steal the thunder. With Rangoon not even getting a decent opening, Shahid’s all eggs are in one basket ‘Padmavati’.

But let’s say even if Padmavati make 100 crores or more, the success can’t be credited to Shahid alone, in fact there are already stories about his insecurities doing rounds as Padmavati Ranveer Singh in lead, who its rumored to have a stronger role. Add to that he is currently the hottest property in Bollywood, hence any director would want to cash on Ranveer. These situations will ensure Shahid gets little or no credit if the movie succeeds. Shahid’s only fair chance at 100 Crore score was Rangoon, but that crashed after just collecting approximately 25 crores.

Let’s wait and watch if Shahid Kapoor will ever be a 100 crore hero.

– By Samir Kotecha

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